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The 'Manor Court 48'

At Manor Court Community Primary school, we take pride in the social and academic achievements of all children and the enriched curriculum that we offer. We appreciate that an remarkable education is more than excellent teaching, but is learning through a variety of opportunities, life skills and experiences and some of this may solely be opportunities to ‘simply have fun’!

The ‘Manor Court 48’ is a selection of 48 opportunities (one per half term in each year group and the EYC) that we consider children should experience before they leave Primary education. It is our expectation that these opportunities will ensure that all children will have an even greater love of learning and a particular passion or hidden talent will be found.

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
EYC Make a mud pie creature. Build a den. Splash in muddy puddles. Look after an animal. Have a picnic in the park. Fly a kite.
Foundation Stage Make a mud slide. To toast marshmallows on an open fire. Taste something new and use a knife and fork. Incubate chicks. Eat something you have made yourself. Have your face painted.
Year 1 Visit the beach and a seaside village. Watch a performance at the Theatre. Play in the woods and make a shelter. Go inside an airplane. Learn how food gets from farm to fork. Have a bug hunt.
Year 2 Sew a button on a shirt. Go inside an aeroplane. Bake bread. Tie shoe laces and teach others. Grow our own fruit. Raise money for a charity.
Year 3 Go on a train ride. Perform to an audience using a musical instrument. Get lost in a maze. Learn what to do in an emergency. Grow our own vegetables from seed. Make our own picnic and enjoy it in the park.
Year 4 Enter the local carnival. Go star gazing. Cook a dish from another country. Help somebody in need. Watch a live sporting event. Take part in an Eco project.
Year 5 Learn basic first aid. Have a conker fight. Go to the cinema. Learn to read a map and compass. Take part in a water fight. Visit Bristol.
Year 6 Visit London. Plan, prepare and make a meal for a friend for £2. Learn how to iron a shirt. To watch a film late at night in the school hall. Go on a cycle ride. To experience the thrill of sailing.