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Puffins Class

Miss Diffey and Mrs Pachecho

Welcome back Puffins! Miss Diffey and Mrs Pacheco hope you had a lovely Christmas break and are ready to fly into the spring term. 

Our enquiry question: ‘How did the Romans change Britain?’ 

We will explore our enquiry question during history lessons, where we will study Britain’s settlement by the Anglo-Saxons and Scots before focussing on the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. We will also link this to our exciting Design Technology (DT) sessions across this term, where we will be creating catapults and making Roman bread! In art, we will be furthering our creativity through studying Roman mosaics to inspire our own versions. 

In English this term, we will dive back in with the brilliant and comical story of That Pesky Rat by Lauren Child and use this to revive our writing skills. Next, we will read multiple non-fiction texts to further explore our enquiry question about the Romans, before finishing with the graphic novel A Roman Rescue by K.A. Gerrard. 

In maths, we’ll be looking further into measurement and length to continue from last term. We will then move onto some new learning about perimeter and area, and finally develop our confidence and competency using fractions and decimals. 

Prepare for some exciting and disgusting experiments in science, as we will be investigating how animals and humans digest food! We will also look at the different types of teeth in animals and humans and how food chains can be used to identify producers, predators and prey. 

In computing lessons, we will continue to use technology safely by recognising acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and ways of reporting concerns. Coding and programming will be our focus and we will continue to learn and develop our skills in Scratch. We will also develop our research skills by using the iPads and laptops across many subjects. 

In religious education (RE) lessons with Mrs Stoodley, our new focus will be Christianity, where we will explore many of the parables and teachings of Jesus. 

Mrs Morton will be using her expertise to deliver the exciting art and drama lessons this term, and Mrs Gomes will continue to teach our modern foreign language, Portuguese. 

We are looking forward to having you back in the classroom for an action-packed term of learning!