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Manor Court CommunityPrimary School and Pre-School


Nightingales Class

Miss Parsons, Mrs Farwell and Miss Smith

During the past two terms Nightingales have worked extremely hard especially with learning their arithmetic and improving their writing stamina. These high expectations will continue, and we will ensure all pupils are joining their handwriting ready for Year 3.   


In English we will look at the narratives ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘The Killer Cat’ among other texts. The children will have the opportunity to write diaries, letters, character descriptions, narratives and other genres. We will continue to develop our understanding and use of key grammar terms, punctuation and spelling rules. 


In Mathematics we will begin with building on their knowledge of shape by naming and describing the properties of 3D. We will then explore money and continue to learn how to make a specific value but focus on making this amount in a variety of different ways. Throughout the rest of the term, we will be telling the time to five-minute intervals, learn how to do quarter or three quarter of a turn clockwise or anti-clockwise and measure in grams, kilograms, litres, millilitres, centimetres and metres.  


In Science we will begin by investigating what plants need to live and will then explore different habitats and why a living thing lives in certain habitats. Our Geography topic is India. We will develop our place knowledge through studying the geographical similarities and differences between Chembakolli and Chard. In History, we will research and collect evidence to answer our enquiry question ‘Why was Queen Victoria’s reign significant?’ We will continue to develop our understanding of the Christian faith in RE by exploring their beliefs about love. In Art, we will develop our understanding and use of textures, dye and print and in DT, we will learn to use a running stitch to create our own bunting. 


After Easter PE will be Dance on a Thursday. After half term our PE will change to rounders on a Wednesday. We will continue to be taught by Mrs Gomes for Portuguese.