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Mathematics at Manor Court Community Primary

Statement of intent

At Manor Court Community Primary we aim to develop the full potential of all our pupils as confident and capable learners who have a passion for mathematics, and so that all pupils believe that they are mathematicians. We aim to equip them with an essential set of skills that all pupils needs in order to be successful in further education and later life.



  • To ensure pupils are fluent in fact recall and calculation
  • To ensure pupils develop as problem solvers
  • To develop mathematical reasoning.


Progression and delivery:

Maths lessons at Manor Court Community Primary will include a variety of learning for children to actively participate in. Lessons will include revision of previously taught skills during a warm-up activity. Learning objectives are explicitly shared when appropriate and new concepts are introduced in a real-life context so pupils understand the importance and usefulness of their learning. Lessons will include an element of fluency where pupils practise a particular skill, they will then have opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge to problem solving and reasoning activities.

We ensure that the recall of key number facts is fluent by teaching multiplication facts explicitly from year two to year four; their progression is tracked so that any gaps in learning can be addressed (if these skills are not secure by then, teaching will continue into years five and six.) This prepares pupils for the upper KS2 mathematics curriculum, where the applications of these skills are essential for accessing other areas of mathematics. For example: percentages, ratio, pie charts and area & perimeter. Before the teaching of multiplication facts, number pairs to ten and twenty are taught in year one but also in the Foundation Stage if pupils are ready.

Calculation is another key skill that pupils need to be fluent in. To make this happen, calculation is taught explicitly in each year using the objectives from the National Curriculum. To ensure these skills are not forgotten, arithmetic is taught each morning for fifteen minutes so that these key skills in calculation can be retained and pupils can become fluent.

Promoting and developing skills in problem solving and reasoning is another essential aspect of mathematics at Manor Court. Firstly, pupils will be unable to access problem solving and reasoning questions if their calculation and fact recall is not fluent. We will teach pupils to apply their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems which increase in sophistication. In reasoning, pupils may follow a line of enquiry, make predictions and develop an argument for their answer. They will understand how to ‘explain’ and/or ‘prove’ their answers using mathematical language.


Mathematics also interconnects with other subjects such as Science and Geography; pupils will need to be able to apply their skills from mathematics into different subjects and contexts.


Tracking and assessment:

Mathematics is assessed each half-term using a mixture of formative and summative teacher assessment. Pupils are assessed against the National Curriculum for their particular year groups. Pupil progress is analysed in Pupil Progress Meetings each half-term and target pupils are then identified and shared with Phase Leaders. A plan is then devised by the class teacher to meet the additional needs of those pupils. Their progress is then monitored by Phase Leaders over the following half-term.



It is expected that pupils will move through the curriculum for each year group at roughly the same pace, however, some pupils make take longer to grasp particular concepts and skills. When this does occur, carefully planned interventions will take place in order to accelerate progress and to close the gap. For those who grasp concepts and skills quickly, they will be challenged through rich and more sophisticated problems that enable them to apply their skills. They will not be taught objectives from year groups that they are yet to reach.



Our aim at Manor Court Community Primary School is that every child’s needs are catered for and every child is given the chance to succeed, wherever their strength lies. It is our aim to give every child the opportunity to experience success in learning and to be the best that they can be. Teachers aim to include all pupils fully in all lessons. All pupils are encouraged to access age-appropriate learning; this is done by careful planning, differentiation, support and use of resources. If pupils are working significantly below that of their year group, teachers will plan for their individual needs, taking learning from NC objectives or p-scales if appropriate. Pupils who are gifted and talented in mathematics are given opportunities to apply their skills in different contexts when they meet on a termly basis. These sessions encourage pupils to think differently and to work with other gifted pupils.