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Herons class

Miss Thompson and Mrs Stoker

Welcome to Herons with Miss Thompson and Mrs Stoker. We’re so excited to get going this year.  

In Herons, we have high expectations of everyone. We are striving for all children to make brilliant progress to finish off their time at Manor Court.  

Our enquiry question this term is ‘Why was Margaret Bondfield significant?’ We’re going to find out all about Margaret Bondfield, a local person, who became the first female Member of Parliament. We’ll learn about democracy and how the political system in the UK works. As part of this important topic, we’ll be visiting the Houses of Parliament in London, which will also tick off our first Manor Court 48.  

In English, we’ll begin by focusing on some key grammar terms then move on to the London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd. We’ll also read the brilliant Mischievians by William Joyce. 

In maths, we’ll start the year by practising arithmetic skills to ensure everyone is confident with methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Times tables will continue to be important and the quicker children are with these, the easier everything else will become.  

In science, we’ll begin with electricity, building on the work that the children did in Year 4 before we move on to light after half term. 

Our geography and history will be shaped by our enquiry question as we learn about Margaret Bondfield and democracy throughout time and in different places. 

In art, along with the rest of the school, we’ll be looking at the work of Jenny Mellings. In PE, we will practise skills across a range of sports and the children will be writing letters about themselves in French. E-safety will be taught every half term and we will have several computing and DT days throughout the term.  

It’s going to be a wonderful year!