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Welcome to Foxes Class!

Mr Pidgeon


Hello from Foxes. Mr Pidgeon and Miss Warren are the lucky two members of staff, who work with the fantastic Foxes. 

This term we will be studying the space race between America and Russia. This will involve us looking at some of the key figures and the key events that lead to the first man walking on the moon. In Science we will be exploring Earth and Space, looking at how the planets are aligned, how they orbit each other and the relationship between the moon and the earth. As well as this, we will be continuing our work on forces through practical experiments.

In English, we will focus on a range of genres and text allowing the children to further extend their ability in writing. Also we will continue to revisit the grammatical features and rules are that are required in key stage 2

In Maths , we will be focusing on geometry and the measurement of angles. Further to this, it will be looking at scaling problems, statisitics and continuing to revisit the key arithmetic skills that we have learnt this year.

PE will be on a Tuesday with Mr Jackson. Please ensure your child has suitable clothing for either indoor or outdoor activities. As well as this, Mr Champion will continue to teach drama and music to the children on a Monday.

Spelling will be weekly and based on a rule that the children will learn to apply.