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Miss Whitehouse and Miss Clarke


Welcome to Year 1! In Dragonflies Class our teachers are Miss Whitehouse and Miss Clarke. We are looking forward to a happy, exciting and productive first term.  

Over the first few weeks we will support the children with their transition from an Early Years environment into Year 1 of primary school learning. We will operate a carousel system initially and still provide some learning that is reflective of good Early Years practice. This will be monitored and adapted as appropriate in order to support the children in the move to a more formal way of learning. 

In English, the children will continue to have daily phonics sessions which will support them in their reading, spelling and writing. They will continue to develop accurate and neat letter formation and will explore the features of a range of writing genres. Including, non-chronological reports, recounts, instructions and narratives. The children will be taught the grammar objectives appropriate to the year group. Such as, punctuation of simple sentences, joining clauses with ‘and’ as well as spelling rules such as plural markers for nouns and the use of suffixes. In reading, the children will read daily and will also have whole class Guided Reading sessions in which they will develop understanding of books that they read and those that are read to them. 

In Maths, the focus for this term will be on Number and Place Value. The children will be supported in counting, reading and writing numbers in numerals and words and recognising place value in numbers. They will also undertake learning in addition and subtraction, including reading, writing & interpreting mathematical statements. There will be a focus daily on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s as this is good preparation for the learning of times tables in Y2. 

Our enquiry questions this year are ‘Where in the world is Chard?’ and ‘When is the best time to live in Chard?’. There will be a Geography focus in the first half of the term and a History focus in the second half of the term. Some of the questions considered will be: 

How many continents are there in the world? Is there just one, big ocean? When people in the UK visit the seaside, do they all paddle in the same sea? Are all landscapes the same? What is a season? How would life change if the seasons changed? How do people use this landscape in different ways? Are toys and how people play different today from when my grandparents were alive? How did people contact each other and share information in the past? How has transport changed from 1950 to today – has it affected peoples’ lives? How is what I wear different to what my parents and grandparents wore when they were children? What was school like when ours was first built and how is that different to school today? 

Our learning in Science will be observing changes across the seasons, including researching, collecting and recording data about the weather across the seasons. 

The children will also have PE, Art, PSHE, RE, Music and Portuguese weekly.  

Contact can be made via the Y1 parent email, which is checked regularly. We look forward to working with our Y1 families.