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Welcome to Bumblebees Class!

Ms Johns and Mrs Barbour


Welcome to Bumblebee Class with Ms. Johns and Mrs Jobin-Barbour. The children in Bumblebees have been working extremely hard and love a challenge! They always try their hardest and enjoy explaining their learning – they will tell you that the most important word in Bumblebees is ‘because’. They have grown in independence and are becoming reflective learners – keen to improve their learning. The children in Bumblebees work as a team, being very supportive to their peers and ready with praise and encouragement.

Bumblebees have enjoyed learning about Christopher Columbus and his travels this past term and also, nearer to home, about the four countries that make up the UK. In English, they have pushed themselves to make their writing the best that it can be – with some children incorporating features from much higher up the school! Our phonics knowledge is amazing everyone – we can currently say nearly 90 speed sounds in one minute. In Maths, we have become very good at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s – getting ready for Year 2 already. We have also worked hard in our work in number and place value. Bumblebees particularly enjoyed the practical work undertaken in measure.

During the Summer term, Bumblebees be learning about a variety of genres of texts, including narratives, non-chronological reports, instructions and poetry. The children will continue to practice improving their handwriting and applying their non-negotiables to their writing - such as capital letters and full stops - as well as developing and applying their phonic knowledge further. In June, the children will sit the Phonics Screening Check.

Our Summer Maths will be a focus on multiplication, division, fractions, place value, money and time. The children are becoming proficient in deepening their understanding through problem solving and reasoning tasks and are growing in confidence when articulating their understanding.

 Our new topic for Summer term is ‘What price progress?’. Our enquiry question will be ‘How can we improve the school environment?’ In History, we will look at aspects of contemporary life – such as music, toys food and transport – and compare these to past generations. We will carry out fieldwork for Geography. Our Science focus will be plants; their requirements for growth and their structure being part of this. We will plant a variety of plants as well as carrying out investigations.

We are very fortunate in having Mr. Jackson, a specialist PE coach, deliver our PE on a Tuesday morning. The children will also be continuing to learn Portuguese with Mrs. Gomes.

Here’s to our last hard-working term in Year 1.