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Bumblebee Class

Mrs Prevett, Mrs Birks and Mrs Jobin-Barbor 


Welcome back to Bumblebees!  Mrs Prevett, Mrs Birks and Mrs Jobin-Barbour are excited about the year ahead! 


In English, children will continue to have daily phonics sessions which will support them in their reading, spelling and writing. They will continue to practise and develop neat letter formation. Through our English lessons, we will explore a range of writing genres. Children will be taught to write narratives, letters, character descriptions and much more. We will be focusing on a range of high-quality books, starting off the year with 'Super Duper You’ by Sophy Hen. Children will be taught the Year 1 grammar objectives, including punctuating sentences and joining clauses with ‘and’. We will also focus on spelling rules and plurals. In Guided Reading sessions, children will have the chance to develop and discuss their understanding of a range of texts. 


In Maths, we will be starting to look at multiplication and division.  As well as fractions, time and shape. We will also build on their learning of place value and addition and subtraction. There will be daily practise of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to support children in their timetables in Year 2. 


In Science this term, we will start with learning about seasonal changes.  Going from winter into spring and everything this entails.  We will then move onto looking at materials, performing simple experiments to test the properties of different materials. 


We will do History in the first half term. Our Enquiry question will be: Why did The Great Fire of London destroy so many houses? Children will be learning about this significant event in history and the impact it had. After half term, we will focus on Geography and Britain.


PE will be on Thursdays, in football we will be participating in team games and developing simple tactics.  In athletics we will be mastering our basic movements of running, jumping and throwing.  During RE we will continue to understand what Christian people believe about God. PSHE this term is about understanding how to keep ourselves and others safe.  In Art lessons the children will Continue their study of colour, by mixing primary colours to make secondary, adding white to make tints and black to make tones.  Also, cutting, tearing and gluing to make a collage of the Great Fire of London. In our DT lessons we will be learning about levers, sliders and wheels.  We will be making our own moving pictures based on a traditional take. We will also have Computing and Music lessons every other week. 


If you need to contact us, this can be done via the Year 1 parents email which is checked regularly. Email us at: