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Manor Court CommunityPrimary School and Early Years Centre

Who's Who



Mr Talmage - Head Teacher

Mr Clode – Deputy Head Teacher/Inclusion Leader (including Designated Safeguarding Lead)                                                    


Teaching Staff
Foundation Mrs Davies/Mrs Farwell (EYC, Foundation and Y1 Leader) Mrs Findlay
Year 1 Mrs Johns Miss Cazzulini
Year 2 Miss Parsons Miss Grabham
Year 3 Mrs Wilkins Miss Chapman
Year 4 Mrs Terry (Y2,Y3 & Y4 Phase Leader) Miss Thompson
Year 5 Mr Pidgeon Mrs Prevett
Year 6 Mr Glentworth (Y5 & Y6 Phase Leader) Mrs Hall and Mrs Jones
Additional class teacher Mrs Scott Mr Plumbley
Early Intervention Officer (including Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) - Miss Gregory
PE coach - Mr Jackson
Art teacher - Mrs Morton


Administration & Finance
Mrs Lilley – Finance & HR Administrator Mrs Emery – Site Manager
Mrs Hooper – Administrator Mrs Field – Administrator
Learning Support Assistants
Mrs Gray Miss Clarke Mrs Larcombe
Mrs Guyett Mrs Stoker Miss Finn
Mrs May Mrs Facey Mrs Nadeau
Mrs Stoodley Mrs Crump Mrs Jobin-Barbour
Mrs Bennett Mr Jackson Mrs Wilmington
Mrs Koike Mrs Anjos Mrs Gomes
Miss Warren Mrs Finn Miss Jones
Miss Smith    
Manor Court Early Years Centre
Miss Hamilton (EYC Manager) Ms Lara Hackett (Deputy EYC Manager) Miss Williams (EYC)
Mrs Wadham (EYC) Miss Aherne (EYC)   
Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs Gray Mrs Crump  Miss Doe
Mrs Anjos Mrs Newbery Mrs Legg
Mrs Fowler Mrs Miller Miss Jones
Mrs Kierstan Miss Jeffs Mrs Dominguez (EYC)
Miss Welch Mrs Smith Mrs Nicholls
Mrs Gregory Miss Miller  
Premises Staff
Mr Keith Woolford – Caretaker
Mrs Newbery Mrs Miller Miss Miller
Miss Doe Mrs Nicholls Miss Welch
Mrs Dominguez