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Our Curriculum



The curriculum at Manor Court Primary School provides a broad balanced and enriched education, which places a high importance on English, including grammar and oracy, Mathematics and an understanding of the wider world and our local community. Children will be encouraged and helped to develop their own set of personal skills and talents. In Reception, our children continue to be encouraged to learn to share, work and play with others to become more confident and independent for future learning, by encouraging them to think for themselves and solve their own problems. 


At Manor Court, pupils are supported to develop interests, knowledge and understanding across all curriculum subjects. We put a great emphasis on English, Mathematics, Computing, Sport and the Performing Arts. PE, Drama, Music, Art and PE are taught by specialist teachers.


The curriculum for learning at Manor Court offers a traditional, but creative and inspiring curriculum that is personal and relevant to the community of Chard and beyond, providing a well thought through experience, with meaningful connections across all primary subjects where appropriate. We use nationally recognised tools such as 'letters and sounds' and 'jolly phonics' to teach phonics. During KS1 we use the Oxford reading tree to ensure that all children have the best start possible in learning to read.


The Pre-school and main School share the same ethos and vision. We do not see our Pre-school as a separate entity, but a fundamental part of Manor Court’s learning offer, the 'Manor Court 48'.


The whole school has an overriding theme. In the Autumn term Chard is the theme, ‘Around the World in 80 days’ in the Spring term and ‘What price progress’ in the Summer term. Each year group then has a question to explore and base their work upon.


Yearly Overview




Around the world in 80 days

What price progress?

Year 1

Who am I?


How can we improve the school environment?

Year 2

How did Stringfellow change the way we live?

Around the world in 80 days

How can we make the world a better place?

Year 3

How did the Railways change Chard?

How active is our planet?

Is a 21st century child healthier than a Stone Age child?

Year 4

How does the carnival bring people together?

What made the Vikings so ambitious?

What have the Romans done for us?

Year 5

Is now the best time to live in Chard?

Should Chinese objects be returned to China?

Is all progress positive? (Space Race)

Year 6

How did Margaret Bondfield shape British democracy?

How have different species adapted to their environment?

Is all trade fair?


Each enquiry will have a real life outcome so that the learning is purposeful and real for the children- this might be an exhibition of work, a performance or recital or even the creation of something which enriches the school environment(such as a piece of art). To make the learning as interesting and fun for the children as possible each class will be going on 1 trip and welcome 1 visitor into school per half term.



Autumn term Visits and Visitors


Year 1



Year 2

Fleet Air Arm Museum

Chard Museum


Year 3

West Somerset Railway

Chard Museum


Year 4

Samba drumming

Chard Museum


Year 5

Bovington Tank Museum

Chard Museum

Oscar Mayer

Estate agent (then and now -housing in Chard)


Year 6

Houses of Parliament

Chard Museum

Amanda Broome

Local Optician



The Manor Court 48


At Manor Court Primary school, we take pride in the social and academic achievements of all children and the enriched curriculum that we offer. We appreciate that an remarkable education is more than excellent teaching, but is learning through a variety of opportunities, life skills and experiences and some of this may solely be opportunities to ‘simply have fun’!

The ‘Manor Court 48’ is a selection of 48 opportunities (one per half term in each year group and the EYC) that we consider children should experience before they leave Primary education. It is our expectation that these opportunities will ensure that all children will have an even greater love of learning and a particular passion or hidden talent will be found.



Autumn 1

Autumn 2


Spring 1

Spring 2


Summer 1

Summer 2



Make a mud pie creature

Build a den

Splash in muddy puddles



Look after an animal

Have a picnic in the park

Fly a kite



Make a mud slide

To have toasted marshmallows on an open fire.

Taste something new and use a knife and fork





Eat something you have made yourself

Have your face painted


Visit the beach and a seaside village

To have watched a performance at the theatre.


To have played in the woods and made a shelter.

Go inside a plane

Farm to Fork


Go on a Bug Hunt


To be able to sew a button onto a shirt.


Make and fly a kite

Tie shoe laces and teach others



Visit an animal sanctuary and raise to money to support


Visit a bakery and make own bread

Fruit picking


To go on a train ride

To perform using a musical instrument


Get lost in a maze

To know what to do in an emergency

To have grown vegetables from seed


Make own picnic and enjoy it in the park


To enter into the Carnival

To go star gazing.

To cook a dish from another country


To help somebody in need

. To have watched a live sporting event


To take part in an Eco Project


To know basic First Aid

To have a conker fight

Go to the cinema

To be able to read a map and compass.


To take part in a water fight

To have visited Bristol



Visit London

School Sleepover




Plan, prepare and make a meal for a friend for £2

Know how to iron a shirt


Go on a cycle ride

To have experienced the thrill of sailing.





Know, Show, Grow

At Manor Court, we strive to seek consistency of differentiation across the school and across the curriculum, with the aim of stretching all pupils and their learning. Simply knowing facts/information is not enough – we want the children to show and grow that learning (apply); developing a deeper understanding and proving that no learning is capped.


Know – remembering

Show – understanding and applying

Grow – creating, reasoning, evaluating and analysing


Lessons are differentiated using one or more of the following ways:

  • Task
  • Outcome
  • Support
  • Resources
  • Place/Pace



We offer many enrichment activities for all children. All children have access to apply and attend one of our twenty-one after school clubs, many of which are free of charge. Participation in sporting events and performing arts (music, dance and drama) activities is encouraged and Manor Court children attend many events throughout Chard and Somerset as a whole.