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Welcome to Kingfishers Class!

Mrs Stainton


Welcome to Owls class which in Mrs Stainton's absence, is being taught by Mr Durrant, Mrs Morton and Mr Clode and Miss Biss. After a fun end to last term with our Egyptian day, we’ve got lots to look forward to this term too! We’ve got a visit from author, Tamsin Cooke, fossil workshops with the Natural History Museum and sports day.

We are making great progress with our writing and we’re taking more pride in the work that we do every day.

In English, we will be writing explanation texts about how fossils are formed so we can wow the Natural History Museum staff with our knowledge and then we’ll be polishing up our narrative writing skills, thinking especially about writing interesting descriptions. We are also going to take part in a poetry day focusing on John Muir’s poem, The Lost World.

In maths, we are learning about fractions and time. After half term, we’ll be looking at the properties of shapes then mass and capacity.

In science, our topic is rocks and fossils for the whole term. We’ll focus on fossils this half term in preparation for our visit from the Natural History Museum staff who will run two workshops and bring in lots of fossils for the children to handle.

We are learning about the UK in geography and after half term, we’ll learn about John Stringfellow and the first powered flight. We’ll talk about friends and family in French and we are still lucky to have Mrs Morton once a week for art. Mr Jackson will continue to lead two PE lessons a week and we’ve got swimming every Friday afternoon until half term so we’ll certainly be fit and healthy this summer!